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Blue & Gold Macaw

“Captain” is an exotic species of parrot called a Blue and Gold Macaw and is found in South America. These beautiful birds can reach a length of 90cm with a wingspan of 1 metre and are the sweetest, most gentle birds who love affection!

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Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

“Waru” (in aboriginal language this means "Fire") is a young Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo and is super sweet and loves to snuggle on your shoulder! With 5 different sub-species across Australia, Waru is native to the Pilbara region so is a little bit smaller than our northern variety of Black Cockatoos.

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Green Wing Macaw

“Wingman” is a young Green-winged macaw and is native to South America. Green-wings are among the largest Macaw species and look quite intimidating but are known for their gentle, cuddly nature.

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Wasabi & Ginger

Central Bearded Dragons

“Wasabi” and “V” are Central Bearded Dragons and are both 3 years old. Bearded Dragons are equipped with an armour of spiny scales and a beard that puffs up depending on their mood. They are a gentle and inquisitive lizard and make great pets!

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Slushie & Bubble-gum

Blue Tongue Lizard

“Slushie” & "Bubblegum" are 3-year-old Blue Tongue Lizards. Bluey’s are common in most parts of Australia and use their bright blue tongue to warn off predators. They can also drop their tails off as a

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“Jasper” is a Spencer’s Monitor or Goanna. Spencer’s are ground-dwelling, burrowing monitors and are found in the black-soil plains of North-Western Queensland and Eastern Northern Territory. They can reach a massive length of 1.2 metres and will eat basically anything they find (including highly venomous snakes!).

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Ringtail Possum

These native Australian's are a tree-dwelling marsupial but are well known for their preference of living in people's roofs! They eat a variety of leaves, fruits and flowers but also consume a special type of faeces that is produced during the daytime when it is resting in a nest.

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Cleopatra & Licorice

Black Headed Python

“Cleopatra” is a 5-year-old Black Headed Python and is common to the northern parts of Australia. Cleo’s black head is used to absorb the sun’s heat which means it can stay warmer for longer and digest food faster.

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Tallow, Lily & Luna

Squirrel Gliders

Tallow, Lily & Luna are Squirrel Gliders and marsupials – meaning, females have a pouch. These gliding possums are found throughout Eastern Australia and live in family groups in tree hollows. They feed on nectar and fruits, as well as insects

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Jimmy Chew & Louie

Estuarine Crocodile

“Jimmy Chew” & Louie are both juvenile Estuarine Crocodiles, otherwise known as Saltwater Crocodiles. Salties are native to Northern Australia and are the largest living reptile – often reaching a massive length of 6 metres. They also have the strongest bite of any animal on earth!

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Tawny Frogmouth

“Camo” is a 2-year-old Tawny Frogmouth. These beautiful native birds are often mistaken as Owls but are actually part of the Nightjar family. Tawny’s are the masters of camouflage and during the day, will sit motionless and stiffen their bodies to look like a tree branch.

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Bredli Python

“Peggy” is a young Bredli Python or otherwise known as a Centralian Carpet Python. These pythons are found in Central Australia & the Northern Territory and can reach a length of approximately 3 metres.

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Albino Darwin Carpet Python

Tiki is a young python with a beautiful, calm nature. This particular species of carpet python is found along the northern tip of Australia and the albino colour is a natural mutation - she wasn't born with any pigmentation in her skin or eyes!

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Green Tree Python

The stunning species is native to New Guinea, some islands in Indonesia, and the Cape York Peninsula in Australia. Juveniles are born bright yellow, red, or red-brown and do not develop their characteristic vibrant green until they are at least 6 to 12-months old.

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Jungle Python

Jungle pythons are beautifully colored medium-sized carpet pythons native to the tropical rainforests of North Queensland. They can reach a length of approximately 2 meters and feed on small rodents, marsupials, lizards, birds, and bats.

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Woma Python

“Slinky” is a 6-year-old Woma Python. These pythons are found in Western Australia and Central Australia and they like to make their homes in burrows. Woma pythons eat mainly other reptiles - including venomous snakes!

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Coastal Carpet Python

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Olive Python

Martini is only small at the moment - but give her a few years and you will be astounded at her size!  Olive pythons can grow up to 6m in length, making them one of Australia's largest pythons. They prey on birds, mammals and reptiles & Adult pythons can consume mammals as large as rock wallabies!

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