Meet Our Wild Educators


Owner & Wildlife Educator

Talia is a born and bred Cairns local with 20 years experience working with native Australian animals as a wildlife keeper and qualified veterinary nurse. Talia’s passion for all things scaly, furry and feathered began when she was just 5 years old while watching her idol, Ranger Stacey on TV show Totally Wild every afternoon! Talia has since worked as a reptile keeper with some of Australia’s most venomous snakes, saltwater crocodiles, cassowaries, koalas, kangaroos and more!


Wildlife Educator (The bird whisperer!)

When Rod isn't busy running his own successful business dealing in all things finance, you'll find him hard at work helping out at a display or managing feeding time at the zoo! Rod is passionate about birds and spends a lot of time training our Macaws and giving them lots of love & attention!


Trainee Wildlife Educator & Husbandry Legend!

When Kodi is not working hard completing his final year of high school, you'll find him behind the scenes at Roaming Wild headquarters cleaning enclosures, feeding animals and being a superstar maintenance man!  Kodi is passionate about animals and is learning the ropes to become a wildlife educator so stay tuned - you'll be seeing more of him in the future! *Fun fact - this multi-talented individual is also an award winning gymnist!


Mini Wildlife Educator & Snake Handler Extraordinaire

Noah may look little, but at 14, he already has 8-years of snake handling experience under his belt! Becoming interested in all things slithery and creepy-crawly at an early age, he purchased his own pet snake, a Woma python named Slinky (who has a big attitude) and hasn't looked back. He now also loves handling scorpions and spiders & you'll often see him helping his Mum out at the displays & shows!


Wildlife Educator

Originally a researcher, Miriam has studied and worked in a number of different countries, before she found the perfect place to raise her family in tropical Far North Queensland. She absolutely loves playing with the Roaming Wild animals and teaching others about them. Miriam loves all animals, but if she had to choose a favorite, she'd say Turtles & the weird & wonderful! If you want to dig deeper, ask her how animals sense this world and she won’t hesitate showing you how limited humans are compared to the critters around us.